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James White High Class Family Butchers

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  • 4.54kg Minced beef
  • 4.54kg Stewing beef
  • 4.54kg Braising steak
  • 9.08kg Topside joints
  • 4.54kg Pork chops
  • 4.54kg Pork steaks
  • 4.54kg Diced pork
  • 2.5kg Chicken fillets
  • 2.27kg Lamb chops
  • ½ or whole pigs
  • ½ or whole lamb
  • fore ¼ beef
  • hind ¼ beef

We offer a private slaughter facility to farmers and small holders wishing to bring their animals to our premises to be humanely slaughtered, butchered and manufactured to their own specifications. A list of charges are available.

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